My name is Elisaveta Pronina Brauer. Yes, I know it’s quite long, 22 characters in fact, so call me EPB for short. I graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Communication Design and a Minor in Human Development and Family Science. There I've learned that it's all about the energy you bring to the table and that designing is all about giving something life. My work is bold, colorful, and human-centric; a little like me. I'm always ready to jump in and solve the next problem, and always striving to be a little bit better each day. Optimism, confidence, and excitement are my top priorities both in life and design. Trying to bring a bit of cheer to a bitter world.
Not only am I bringing that cheer to visual problem solving, but to everything I do. Whether it be doodling, dancing, figure skating, or traveling, I’m ready to bring a smile to someone’s face. Just as I hope I did with that silly video of me dancing.
Willing to bring my positivity anywhere across the world. Feel free to talk to me about how I can bring cheer to you.

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