This too will heal.
Elixir: Healing Tattoo Parlor
Tattoos have been a method of self-expression for years, but they also contribute to inner healing by using the skin to narrate healing in words and images. Tattoos address the essential dilemma of trauma, hiding the unspeakable or proclaiming it. Elixir focuses on the connection between trauma and art, allowing the customers to talk about the situations they’ve faced and grow from their traumas through a creative outlet.
Naming, Branding, Art Direction, Store Interior,
 Packaging, Advertising, and Web Presence
Calming, Open, Dynamic
There are many tattoo parlors around the country. Choosing which parlor to go to is often difficult and is done by searching what kind of artist, style, or experience the client wants. Elixir provides an experience that focuses more on the inner healing of the customer doing that through a visual lens. The studio encourages the customer's own visual ideas and ideology in a space they find comforting.
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