Scribbles of your own psyche, putting you into perspective.
In the Margins: The Science of Doodles
In the Margins is a psycho-analysis of doodles. It helps encourage readers to doodle, understand what doodling is, and the benefits it holds. The publication will allow readers to analyze their doodles to get a better understanding of themselves on a subconscious level. This book is not a workbook, but it will have pages where one can doodle and later look back at their work. 
Art Direction, Naming, Branding, Publication, Advertising

Quirky, Bright, Free Flowing
There are many books on doodling that describe what doodling is and the benefits there are to them. However, there aren’t any books that focus on the idea that doodles are created subconsciously by the person drawing them. This publication’s primary focus is meant to help the reader understand what their doodles mean to them personally and why they create that specific doodle.
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